The game’s called Strength of the Sword:ULTIMATE, but it might as well be named FAN EDITION since if you compare the list of features we’re bringing this time around to those requested by our friends and fans you’d get 100% match. That's no coincidence, the support we received from the small but passionate community of the original PS3 game has been nothing short of amazing, so why wouldn't we pay them back by listening. People played the game and then sought us out to tell us all about their experience. For two guys that spent years cooked up in a sequence of small apartments working on their first independent game, finally getting it out and seeing people enjoy it – best feeling in the world.




We’re sticking with the hard but satisfying to master gameplay mechanics we enjoy. Call us old-fashioned, though we much prefer ‘WITH AN OLD SCHOOL ATTITUDE’, but we enjoy our brand of unforgiving mixture of a 3D BRAWLER and a FIGHTING GAME. Beating a game used to mean something to us as we were growing up and we want to give the same satisfaction to the player. We are also deadly allergic to button-mashing and if you get to spend some time with our game, we’ll be happy to see you contaminated with the same affliction. Mind your enemy and environment and plan every move before you execute it with intent and precision. You are a deadly war machine after all.


The entire original game is ported and polished as part of the new ULTIMATE game. Every location, every blood-thirsty monster from the original campaign will be back with as much bite if not more. We're very proud of our critters of various sizes and minds, and can't wait to introduce them to a wider audience of victims.




First of all, we're on the PC now. PC never gets out of style and everybody has one.


It was awesome to have people compete over leaderboard scores, but nothing resolves the 'who is the best' argument better than an old-fashion PvP. Back in the original game we were more interested in the player challenging himself rather than facing others. Well, since then... lets just say arguments were had inside the studio, gauntlets were thrown, words were spoken that cannot be taken back, so the PvP mode is as much for us as it is for everybody else.


But maybe you don't have a wise-ass co-worker that doesn't realize he's no match for your awesomeness. And instead have a trusted friend to take with you in battle. CO-OP will also be a part of the ULTIMATE experience. After all the minions of darkness come in numbers, so it's only natural that there's a place for a second War Golem on the battlefield.


The third multiplayer mode (yeah, when we do multiplayer we do ALL the multiplayer), is something that we'll talk about more in the months before the release of the game as it will need more time to refine and then be explained. It's called DARK MODE and it's going to be an AWESOME ASYMMETRICAL PVP MARATHON where one player gets infused with the power of the Darkness and goes on a Wargolem-slaying spree.


Singleplayer will get polished up and we have several ideas on bringing in the some new stand-alone levels that will extend the lore of the War Golem sent from the Almighty Mechanic in the sky. That also means new enemies with entirely new ways of thinking that will have even veterans from the original game sweating. As always button-mashing will not save you.



In case you're interested in the puppeteers behind the forces of evil you'd be facing. Let me introduce you to the team that will bring them to life. We're Georgi Rakidov and Lyubomir Iliev, and that's it. Hopefully you'd see the game and be all confused, 'There is no way this was made by just two people.' We love that part, it means you're impressed. But I want you to look at it another way this time around – the things you don't like about the game are the ones made by just two people. If you don't like the art blame Lyubo, if you think you could code it better, message Georgi and let him know. But the stuff you'll like, it wouldn't get made without all the fans and friends that always have our backs, so it’s a large scale collaboration.




For us Kickstarter is the ultimate peer evaluation tool to keep us grounded – if people don't share our vision, maybe it's just not meant to be and it’s back to the drawing board.


Speaking of drawing boards, you really should check our Kickstarter page. We’ve created it in the same way we prototype games - feed energy drinks to Lyubo and let him loose. Needless to say, we’re extremely proud of the result. Who knows you might end up backing the project, so that one day we get to kill you in a DARK MODE match.